Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes – January 19, 2020

Meeting called to order at 12:30 p.m. by council president Daryl Putala.   Roll Call

  • Members Present: Pastor Julie Belew, Karla Holm, Karen Mayo, Daryl Putala, and Christine Scroggs.
  • Also Present: Diane Mayo
  • Absent: Jackie Budreau, Gail Herrala, and Tracey Alessandroni

Devotions given by Pastor Julie Belew. Additions to the Agenda – Tracey’s Hours were added under New Business. Karen Mayo motioned to approve the agenda with additions, Karla Holm seconded, and all approved. Bookkeeper’s Report –   Diane Mayo reviewed the November and December transactions. Diane will look into the timeline for transferring funds from the Thrivent account to the General Fund in an effort to be prepared in the event of a transfer. Karen Mayo motioned to approve the Bookkeeper’s Report, Karla Holm seconded, and all approved. Secretary’s Report – Pastor Julie motioned to approve the Secretary’s Report, Daryl Putala seconded, and all approved. Committee Reports –

  • WELCA: Nothing Reported
  • Property: Karen Mayo will talk with WELCA about funding materials to construct shelves in a portion of the downstairs closet.
  • Christian Education: Faith Formation will take place on Wednesday, January 22 from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
  • Constitution Committee: Nothing Reported
  • Youth: Diane Mayo will look into the Grace Festival taking place in Marquette and gauge the interest of our youth.
  • Worship and Music:
    • Musician: The congregation will vote at the annual meeting on possible options for replacing Lynette two Sundays a month. The options are as follows: have an informal service downstairs “coffee hour church,” have a contemporary service with praise music, or hire a musician.
    • Midweek Lent Service: The congregation will vote on this at the annual meeting.
  • Outreach: Hats, mittens, and socks from the donation tree were donated to the Baraga School.
  • Stewardship: Nothing Reported

 Pastor’s Report – Pastor Julie gave a verbal report of her hours for December and January. Pastor lead the Holiday Remembrance Service at Jacobson’s Funeral Home and advent services at Mission United Lutheran Church in Pelkie. Pastor continues to take classes at the OCC in order to immerse herself into the community and will begin a spiritual growth group there on Tuesdays for students at staff. New Business –

  • Schedule Budget Meeting: Pastor will work with Diane, Sue, and Cindy to get financial reports in order before council meets on February 5th at 5:00 p.m. for a budget meeting.
  • Audit Committee: The audit committee will meet soon. Janelle Putala will be the veteran on the committee and two other members will be asked.
  • New Council Members: Outgoing council members will find members to replace them. New council members will attend the March council meeting.
  • Fremont Insurance: Mark Loman met with a Fremont Insurance agent during a random inspection of the church. All areas passed inspection, but there were a few recommendations. The old fire extinguishers will be replaced, a fire extinguisher will be put in the parsonage, and Mark will look into an exit sign for the sanctuary and downstairs.
  • Tracey’s Hours: Tracey’s hours were discussed and reviewed since the August meeting.

 Old Business –

  • Chili, Chocolate, and Chances: Church members can sign up to be on a Chili, Chocolate, and Chances planning committee. The event will take place on April 18th.
  • Croation Chicken Fundraiser: Karla Holm got information that the owners will only do fundraisers in their hometown. Tracey will use the contact information from Karla to verify this.
  • Carpet Cleaning: D&L Cleaning from Houghton will provide an estimate after coming to look at the church.
  • New Copy Machine: Quotes on various models were presented and council will look into purchasing a new one when the old one no longer works.


  • NGLS 2020 Mission Support Commitment: Our benevolence will increase from $250 to $260 monthly.
  • Fortune Lake Day Camp: Tabled

Council Member Privilege Date of Next Council Meeting: February 5th at 5:00 p.m. Adjourn at 2:45p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer    



Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Council Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2019

Holy Cross Lutheran Church seeks to praise the triune God in worship and works.

Together, we serve and welcome all of God’s children and act as caretakers of God’s creation.

  Call to Order by Pastor Julie at 5:13 pm Roll Call

  • Members Present: Pastor Julie Belew,  Jackie Budreau, Gail Herrala, Karla Holm,  Karen Mayo, Daryl Putala, Christine Scroggs        Also Present:  Tracey Alessandroni
  • Members Absent: Daryl Putala

Also Absent:  Diane Mayo   Devotions by Pastor Julie Additions to the Agenda – Add church cleaning schedule to the agenda Bookkeeper’s Report – October transactions were submitted by Diane Mayo Secretary’s Report   – Motion to accept, Christine Scroggs; Seconded, Karen Mayo Committee Reports WELCA – The women’s Christmas Party will be on Wednesday, December 11th at 6:00 pm – bring an exchange gift as well as two dozen cookies for packaging.  Property

  • A 2020 Church Cleaning Signup Sheet will be posted
  • The cost of having the carpets professionally cleaned will be looked into.

Christian Education

  • Faith Formation – Wednesday, December 11th 3:30-5:00 pm
  • Children’s Christmas Program – Sunday, December 22nd during worship

Constitution Committee – No report submitted Youth – No report submitted Worship and Music – No report submitted Outreach

  • During Advent a “Hats, Mittens, and Warm Socks Tree” will be in the narthex. The items donated will be taken to the local schools to distribute to elementary age children who need them. 
  • The loose change from the Noisy Offering that is collected during Advent and Lent will be taken to the Synod Assembly in May to be given to World Hunger.

Stewardship Pastor’s Report

  • Pastor Julie gave a verbal report of her hours for the past month.
  • Pastor will be doing Midweek Advent Services at Mission United on Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm
  • Discussed with council having to be reimbursed for mileage.
  • Pastor will be out of the office next week for Thanksgiving.

 New Business – Tracey will check with Joe from The Office Planning Group in Hancock on the price of a new copy machine.  Old Business

  • The pasty sale fundraiser was cancelled due to miscommunication. It was discussed not to reschedule due to having a difficult time finding enough volunteers for two days; a Croatian Chicken Fundraiser will be checked into instead. 
  • We will have another Chili, Chocolate and Chances Fundraiser sometime in April. We will not contact businesses for donations this year.  People from the congregation will be asked to donate baskets for the raffle. 

Correspondence  – Baraga County Shelter Home #Giving Tuesday sent a letter requesting a donation; it was decided not to give for this as we recently sent a donation to the shelter home.  Council Member Privilege – None Date of Next Council Meeting – Council will meet in January – date TBA Adjourn with the Lord’s Prayer