council officers 

President ~ Daryl Putala
Vice President ~
Treasurer ~ Cindy Giddings
Secretary ~ Christine Scroggs
Welcome to our new Council members!  Jackie Budreau, Karla Holm, and Karen Mayo
Remaining Members –  Gail Herrala, Christine Scroggs


Council Meeting Minutes September 2019

Daryl Putala called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. Members Present:  Pastor Julie Belew, Jackie Budreau, Gail Herrala, Karla Holm, Mark Loman, Karen Mayo,  Daryl Putala, Christine Scroggs.     Also Present:  Tracey Alessandroni and Diane Mayo Members Absent: Mark Loman, Karen Mayo Devotions by Pastor Julie Agenda approved with no additions.  Motion to accept Karen Mayo; seconded, Christine Scroggs Bookkeeper’s Report:  

  • May, June, and July transactions were reviewed and explained by Diane Mayo.  

Motion to accept bookkeeper’s report Jackie Budreau; seconded, Daryl Putala Secretary’s Report: Motion to accept Gail Herrala; seconded, Daryl Putala Committee Reports WELCA:  No report submitted Property:

  • Committee Structure – Gail Herrala, Mark Loman, Daryl Putala, and Pat Westman. It was discussed that

the committee needs to designate a head person as well as have periodic meetings throughout the year. 

  • Gail suggested that the parsonage needs insulation on the basement walls to conserve heat. Daryl will

call Mark re: getting quotes for this project.        Christian Education:  

  • Goals – Pastor Julie talked about setting some goals as to what the church would like the kids to learn.

One example being The Ten Commandments; spoke with Christine about possibly ordering a curriculum to help guide the instruction.  The Christian Education group will meet and decide on what will be ordered.  

  • Faith Formation – This year the Faith Formation group will all be 5-6 year olds. It was discussed as to how many children possibly will be attending.  Karla will check with Rylee to see if she would like to be a helper, as she is older now and has two younger siblings who will potentially be attending each month. 

Youth:  No report submitted Constitution Committee

  • Contacts and Date – Will check with people about upcoming meeting dates to complete the revisions.

Worship and Music:  

  • Blessing of the Animals Service – Sunday, October 6th
  • Pastor Julie asked the council if they would like to use the Service of the Word when there are Sundays that she is out of town/on vacation, etc. It was decided yes, they would like to use that service. 


  • Monthly Soup Suppers will start on Wednesday, October 16th; and every 3rd Wednesday of the month through March. Ads will be put in the Sentinel each month. 
  • The Winter Clothing Giveaway will be Saturday, October 19th 10:00 am – Noon. An ad will be put in the Sentinel.

Stewardship:  No Report Submitted Pastor’s Report:

  • Pastor Julie gave a verbal report of her hours over the summer months.  
  • She will be filling in periodically at Mission United in Pelkie in the upcoming months.
  • Pastor explained the importance of bridging with the Native American community. The Synod encourages and supports this as well; it is something that they also will be looking at. 
  • Pastor will check with Thrivent to set a date for a representative to visit Holy Cross before worship (hoping for October 13th or the 27th), explaining to people what Thrivent is about, the benefits of being a member, etc.

 New Business:

  • Pastor Julie’s health plan was discussed; the rate is increasing from $824.50 to $827.50.

Motion to accept Christine Scroggs; seconded, Karla Holm.   Old Business:  Walking Together Conference 2 Meeting at Holy Trinity attendees are: Pastor Julie, Diane Bennink, Jackie Budreau, Gail Herrala, and Pat Westman. 

  • Kids Secret Angel was discussed and approved – children’s names will be written on paper for whoever would like to be a secret angel for the year. Starting in December, members of the congregation who would like to take a child’s name can do whatever they would like as the child’s Secret Angel for the year.  It can be anything from sending special cards and messages – purchasing small gifts – etc…. 
  • Cans For Christ will continue. All cans that were collected have been taken back; a signup sheet will be posted for volunteers to return cans that are collected in the future to avoid them from accumulating. 
  • New Printer Ink Program – The new printer for the church office has an automatic ink replenishment program from HP, “Instant Ink”. We no longer will have to order ink – for a monthly charge of $9.99 our ink will be automatically delivered, this includes the cost of the ink.   Approved by all. 


  • Messiah Evangelical Church – Quilts. Lutheran World Relief gathering of quilts and kits will be at Trinity Lutheran church, Ishpeming.  Holy Cross’ quilts will be delivered to Mission United in Pelkie, to be taken with a group of other churches quilts, to Ishpeming. 
  • Hearts and Hands Fashion Show Donation – The fall fashion show in celebration of Domestic Violence Awareness Month will be held Monday, October 21t at the American Legion in L’Anse. Holy Cross received a letter asking for a donation.  It was decided to make a financial contribution of  $50.00

Council Member Privilege:   None Date of Next Council Meeting:   Sunday, October 20th following worship. Adjourn with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:03 pm  Respectfully Submitted by Tracey Alessandroni