2017 election of council officers 

President ~ Pat Westman
Vice President ~ Gale Eilola
Treasurer ~ Cindy Giddings
Secretary ~ Christine Wilson  
Welcome to our new Council members!  Mark Loman and Sue Wilson
Serving consecutive terms  – Gale Eilola and Cindy Giddings
Remaining Members – Harm Bennink, Christine Wilson, Gail Herrala (Council decided that Gail Herrala will serve one more year on council instead of a full term)


Council Meeting Minutes September 12, 2018

Council president Pat Westman called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m. Members Present: Pastor Julie Belew, Cindy Giddings, Gail Herrala, Daryl Putala, Christine Scroggs, Pat Westman, Sue Wilson   Members Absent: Gale Eilola, Gail Herrala, Mark Loman,
Also Present: Tracey Alessandroni            
Also Absent:  Diane Mayo Devotions given by Pastor Julie
Bookkeeper’s Report:  July and August transactions were reviewed.  It was decided to transfer $3,000 from the Memorial Savings account into the checking account to cover expenses.  Sue gave handouts showing figures for the budget which is up to date until August.  A discussion was had to set up online giving, Daryl Putala motioned to accept, Seconded by Sue Wilson. 
Secretary’s Report: A motion was made to accept the April secretary’s report by Christine Scroggs, Seconded Sue Wilson.
Committee Reports-
  • Pat said the women will be checking to see if there is an interest in having evening meetings so more women can attend.     


  • A box will be put in the narthex to collect cleaning supplies that people wish to donate; a list of items regularly used will be put on the box.
  • It was decided to charge $125 for the use of the church for non members. All personal items must be taken out after the event.   

Christian Education:  

  • Faith Formation will meet on Wednesday, October 24th from 2:00-4:00 pm for a Halloween Party.
  • The Children’s Christmas Program will be on Sunday, December 23rd during the 11:00 am worship.

Consitution Committee:  None Submitted   Youth:  

  • Janelle Putala and Gail Herrala do not want to continue having responsibility for the youth financial fund. The subject will be discussed with Diane Mayo, Sue Wilson, and Cindy Giddings. 

Worship and Music:

  • On All Saints Sunday, November 4th we will have our annual Harvest Dinner following worship. We will have a special guest, Sam Gibble who will present a talk about The Gideon’s during worship. 
  • Native American Sunday will be on November 11th.


  • Holy Cross will have our annual Winter Clothing Giveaway on Saturday, October 20th from 10:00 am – Noon.
  • Update on Let’s Eat – Jim Sullivan has agreed to accept the supervisor position in the winter months when Joe Brisson is out of town.

Stewardship:  None Submitted   Pastor’s Report:

  • Pastor Julie reviewed her monthly hours; motion to accept Sue Wilson,

           seconded Daryl Putala   New Business:

  • The possibility of purchasing a new copy machine has been tabled until October. Tracey will check with Jeff at UP Office Equipment to see if there is a mid-grade copier available that would meet the needs of the church. 

Old Business:

  • The Conference for Congregational Renewal, “ Walking Together”,  will be at Mission United in Pelkie on Sunday, November 4th from 3:00-5:00 pm.  Attending will be Pastor Julie, Pat Westman, Gail Herrala, Diane Bennink, Gale Eilola, and Joyce Zipse. 


  • Synod Highlights – Tabled until October’s meeting.
  • Hearts and Hands Fashion Show for Domestic Violence – We will try to collect items for the raffle and make a children’s themed basket.
  • A Thank You note that we received for Holy Cross was shared with the council.

Council Member Privilege:   None discussed.    Date of Next Council Meeting:   October 21, 2018.   Adjourn with the Lord’s Prayer at 1:55 pm   Respectfully Submitted by Tracey Alessandroni Parish Assistant