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Prayer requests can be submitted to Pastor Julie or Tracey who can then pass

the request to the other prayer chain *leaders.  Each leader will then

call the member below them to pass along the prayer request.  Then

those people will pass it to the next member on the list and so forth. If the   person below you is unavailable please call the next person on the list. 


Chain One

Pastor Julie Belew                      OR                          Tracey Alessandroni

Office:  (906) 353-6541                                              Office:  (906) 353-6541

Cell:  (906) 370-5301                                                 Cell:  (906) 201-2481


Chain Two
*Pat Westman                            (906) 524-7731

Diane Mayo                                (906) 201-2121

Cindy Giddings                          (906) 353-6036  

Kim Treadeau                            Cell:  (906) 201-1162

Gail Herrala                               (906) 353-6871

Karen Mayo                               (906) 353-6091  

Cell:  (906) 201-1519

Daryl & Janelle Putala               (906) 395-4271

Diane Bennink                           (906)353-6342

                                                    Cell:  (906)250-7710

Jackie & Larry Budreau              J – (906) 201-0888

                                                     L- (906)201-0101

John Drennan                              (906) 353-6892

Gale Eilola                                    (906) 353-7783

                                                      Cell:  (906) 395-6501

Chain Three

*Joyce Zipse                              (906) 524-5950  

Cell:  (906) 201-0335

Mark Loman                                 (906) 458-4534

Dawn Maki                                    (906) 201-1004

Jen Knisley                                   (906) 201-0299

Loryl Nelson                                 (906) 524-5499

Gloria Niemisto                            (906) 353-6168

Dorothy Mayo                               (906)353-6102

Sue Wilson                                   (906) 353-6023

Karla Holm                                    (906) 353-6974  

Cell:  (906) 395-7507

Carol Seppanen                          (906) 353-6261

Joanne Mitchell                           (906) 395-4195

Barb Kamarainen                        (906) 353-6431

Sally & Paul Outinen                  (612) 750-4034

Amy Parish                                   (906) 201-7181


Chain Four

*Sharon Putala                        (906) 353-6527  

Christine Scroggs                      (906) 201-4251

Shelly Roy                                 (906) 524-6336

Melissa Treadeau                      (906) 353-6718

Lisa Wilson                                (906) 353-7484

Ed & Gloria Shaffer                   (906) 353-7215

Jake Putala                                (906) 395-6952

Nancy Rinkanen                       (906) 353-6792

Kathy Kaurala                           (906) 353-6282

                                                    Cell:  310-749-6349

Iris LaBeau                                 (906) 524-5064

Debbie LaPointe                         (906) 201-0288

prayer for wholeness
Dear Lord, let me drink from You so deeply that I, too, may share the peace, beauty, and contentment that others have found there. 
Let me, too, stand on Your highest mountaintop so Your love engulfs me, so lost I am not. 
Let me drink from Your never-ending well of healing waters and hold my head high, making me whole and at peace, no long questioning or asking why. 
Fill me with Your goodness that I, too, may be refreshed anew by letting me find the wonderment of receiving You. 
courage to live
To those who have tried and seemingly have failed,
Reach out dear Lord, and comfort them today;
Flor those whose hope has dimmed, whose faith has paled,
Lift up some lighted heavenly torch, I pray. 
They are so frightened, Lord, reach out a hand.
They are so hurt and helpless; be their friend. 
Baffled and blind, they do not understand,
They think this dark and tangled road the end
Oh, touch to flame their hope that has burned low,
And strike with fire faith’s ashes that are dead. 
Let them walk proudly once again, and go
Seeking the sure and steadfast light ahead. 
Help them to move among their fellow neighbors,
With courage to live, courage to try again. 
a prayer
May the strength of God pilot us.
May the power of God preserve us.
May the wisdom of God instruct us.
May the had of God direct us.
May the shield of God defend us. 
a prayer for those who suffer
Watch Thous, dear Lord, with those who wake or watch or weep tonight, and give Thine angels charge over those who sleep. 
Tend Thy sick ones, O Lord Christ; rest Thy weary ones; bless Thy dying ones; soothe Thy suffering ones; shield Thy joyous ones; and all for Thy love’s sake. 
evening prayer
Lord Jesus, we come to Thee for an evening blessing; seal within our hearts the inspirations and memories of the day.  We ask Thee for the blessing of quietness for every troubled heart, rest for every weary soul, new faith and courage for all who have faced exhausting tasks this day. 
We would rest now in Thee and find in this evening hour Thy stillness and Thy peace to bring us into quiet harmony with Thy will. 
We give Thee thanks for every challenge that this day has brought, every new vision of God that winged its way across our skies, every whisper of God that we have sensed in the beauty of Thy world, every thought of God that came in quiet moments, every need of Thee that brought us back again to Thee in prayer. 
And now, our Father, grant us Thy benediction.  Watch over us through the hours of darkness.  Refresh us in spirit as well as in body as we sleep.  Help us to face the tasks of tomorrow with steady faith and without fear, conscious of Thy presence and Thy guidance, knowing that we are Thine, as we have placed all our trust in Thee.  We know that Thou art still able to keep that with which we have committed to Thee.
And now may the love of God the Father, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit rest upon us all and abide with us now and forevermore.  Amen.