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For Lutherans, worship matters!  

In fact, worship lies at the heart of how we understand ourselves together.  Each week we are gathered around the means of grace and sent into the world to proclaim the good news that we have seen, heard, and tasted in that gathering.  Our worship life is meant to be an encounter with Jesus Christ that propels us into the world for mission.

Sunday, august 16th at 11:00 am

join us for worship on the parsonage lawn!
  Bring your own chair and a face mask – we will maintain social distancing. 

 Daily Discipleship and Daily Faith Practices are online downloadable Bible studies from the ELCA Website, 

based on the lectionary used at Sunday worship.

Daily Discipleship is based on the Gospel Lesson and Daily Faith Practices is based on the Second Lesson. 

daily discipleship


daily faith practices



FREE lectionary-based video sermons by America’s best preachers for use in worship, Bible study,
small groups,  or for individual use. All you do is push the button.
Guidelines for Returning as a Worshiping Assembly on June 21, 2020 at 11:00


“Let us enter God’s gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! Give thanks to God, bless his name.  For the Lord is good; God’s steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”  Psalm 100:4,5

How good and how pleasant it is to come together again! We do so with great joy and respect for one another as the body of Christ. Together as Church, we discern how to offer a faithful way forward during this pandemic. While our worship may not look as it did before, it remains a place where we encounter God’s grace found in Jesus Christ. We will maintain the following practices out of respect for one another’s health and the community at large:

  • Come to worship healthy. Stay home if you are sick in any way, shape or form. It is recommended you take your temperature. Please wash your hands before you leave your home.
  • It is requested that you come to worship wearing face masks. If you do not have one they are available on the half wall to your right when you enter through the door.
  • Once you enter through the front door you will also see hand sanitizer on the half wall to your right. It is recommended that you use it. Hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes will also be available in every pew. Please wipe down the area you were sitting in when worship is over.
  • Every other pew will be vacant in order to maintain social distancing of 6 feet. They will be clearly marked off. Keep in mind to sit at opposite ends of the pew from the people in front of you. Family units are welcome to sit together.
  • Singing of hymns should not take place in closed spaces as the aerosols exhaled amount to a factor of 60x more than breathing. This also means the choir will not be singing at this time.
  • We do not have an organist at this time. We will play recorded music.
  • Communion will take place the same way we were doing on Wednesday’s Faithful Hearts. A table will be set up with individual cups (the kind we use when we commune at the railing) of wine or grape juice with a wafer next to each one. These will be spaced out so no one will be able to touch the cup or wafer next to it. A receptacle will be near the table to dispose of your cup.
  • An offering plate will be in the narthex for your convenience as we will not be passing offering plates.
  • We will not have a greeter for the time being. Bulletins will be placed on the pews ahead of time.
  • We will not physically Pass the Peace but it will be spoken.

I do not see these practices as limitations but as opportunity for creativity. The God we worship is a creative one- full of diversity and wonder.  I look forward to sharing sacred time together and uniting once again. “Let us enter God’s gates with thanksgiving and God’s courts with praise!”

With Joy,

Pastor Julie

check out this beautiful song – click on the link below
 recommended by Pastor Julie and Pastor Bucky! 🙂 
Click on the links below to resource pages from Bishop Katherine Finegan:
Special Worship Services from the Past….   
Join us next time! 🙂 and be a part of making new memories! 🙂  

Mandy Thursday Seder meals

On Maundy Thursday every year, we have our Seder meal at Holy Cross. The Seder meal was the meal celebrated during Passover by Jews to remember and celebrate the story of the Exodus… how God rescued his people from captivity in Egypt and led them into the Promised Land. It was this meal that Jesus shared with His disciples on the night He was betrayed and handed over to be crucified. We celebrate this meal to remember how Jesus served as our Paschal lamb, the perfect sacrifice, given to rescue us from captivity and deliver us into the freedom of life with God for eternity. Friends from the community join with us to share in this rich and storied meal, as we remember, and tell the story of God’s faithfulness. 

Outdoor Worship Services and Church Picnics

  In August for the past three summers, we have had our Outdoor Worship and Church Picnic at the Ojibwa Campground Lighthouse.  A great way to worship on one of the many beautiful shores of Lake Superior!  Pastor Julie led the inspiring services and we all joined in to make special momentum’s for the church showing the  meaning of Jesus in our own lives; whether that be a word or a simple picture painted on a rock, or a peace flag.  We enjoyed potlucks and our fellowship time together with members, as well as friends, who joined us to worship Jesus outdoors on some awesome summer days!

Blessing of the Animals Services in October

The first Sundays in October Holy Cross welcomes our furred, feathered, and scaly friends!!!  A procession of animals, everything from dogs and cats to hamsters and even lizzards, join us for a special ceremony called the Blessing of the Animals. This custom is conducted in remembrance of Saint Francis of Assisi’s love for all creatures – always a fun day with kazoo’s played at the end! 

Blessing of the Animals 2019

All Saints Sundays in November 
Every year we remember family and friends who have passed away since November of the previous year – we welcome everyone to this special service!  Following worship is our annual
Harvest Dinner –  a delicious meal of beef stew and awesome breads and pies – a special time of fellowship at Holy Cross. 

Native American Sundays in November      

We have been fortunate to have  a couple of special guests  join us at our services throughout the past couple of years!  Thanks to Joe and Denise for joining us in worship and for their teachings!
Joe Dowd, Cultural Advisor at Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College and second-degree Midewiwin,  spoke to us about the Midewiwin lodge (their place of prayer), the learning process for a Mide, and religious ceremonies. We were inspired by his teaching of how every part of the earth is sacred. Our liturgy flowed with Joe’s teaching as we united in praise of our Great Creator.
 Denise Cadeau, Dean of Anishinaabe Studies from Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College spoke to us about the values and worldviews of the Anishinaabeg. We have much to learn from their teachings.